Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Where Am I Now?

Where am I now? Will somebody please tell me! Actually this is a repost, and one of our smart bloggers suggested I use it for this theme day photo. It really is in Mazatlán, but looks like it could be elsewhere; the Middle East, perhaps. The restaurant's name is SHEIKS (pronounced "shakes" by the Mexicans).
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Ming_the_Merciless said...

It does look like something out of the Ali Baba/Middle East stories.

To answer you questions, the cigar boxes were available for sale at $5 a piece.

Mandi said...

I would have been very confused - but I've seen that gorgeous photo before Kate and so know that it's Mexico!! :-)

Kala said...

I totallly remember this post and thought I was transported back in time only because the photo is so stunning and distinctive it is very memorable - i would say this is fantasy island =)

alice said...

Oh yes, it could be in a dreamland also! This building is like some imaginary palaces on unknown planets in Star Wars...Bonne journée, Kate!

Gerald England said...

not half way round the world -- think I need a SHAKE at that restaurant -- make mine a strawberry milk please!

edwin s said...

It does look like the Middle East. Like the beach palace in Dubai.

Jing said...

coooooooooooooool restaurant.
coooooooooooooool photo!!!

i like it, photo and the restaurant.

shanghai daily photo

PaB said...

This seems to be the castle of 1001 nights.
Nice DP.

Anonymous said...

I like Shakes. I suppose the place shakes? Your photography is so nice.

My Theme Day is of a city unto itself, with its own zip code, and a portrait of the "Peashooter" at the National Museum of the United States Air Force. Hope you like flying.

Nathalie said...

Yes I remember this previous post of yours, but I must say it looks so unlike anything Mexican it's a great choice!

Dsole said...

ok, it's really an arabic one! And it seems a really cool place with an amazing sights!

Karine said...

I remember this picture from a previous posting. This is an absolutely beautiful shot. The architecture is outstanding and it fits perfectly for today's theme :)

Seda said...

What a fantastic place!

Oya said...

That is in the Wonderland:)

RamblingRound said...

Very unusual and pretty

Jean said...

I thought it was a film studio. Great photograph.

denton said...

To me the scene looks like a story book version of a castle in old England.

Jilly said...

Good to see this lovely photo again. Perfect choice for today.

And thank you Kate for the muguet!

riniroo said...

Wow, it looks like there is a waterfall running from underneath the restaurant. Great shot! I wouldn't have guessed Mexico.

Check out my theme day pic:
I got in late to the list.

Have a great day!!!

Kuanyin said...

I remembered it too---how could you not?! It's magical...and reminds me a bit of our Kealani Resort on Maui! Happy May Day! I will unveil my theme package in a photo tomorrow! :-) I can't believe no one has guessed it yet!!!

Fénix said...

I was here yesterday looking at the great photos you've taken. Your blog depicts Mexico wonderfully. Each photo tells a story. Very nice.

kris said...

i remember this marvellous structure! Hmmm..now that you mentioned it up, it can be mistaken for mid-east

Two&2 LA said...

Do you know what kind of restaurant is it? Does it serve Middle-Eastern food? Or just for confusion's sake, they serve Mexican or Chinese food in there? hahaha!

Yes, very Dubai-ish!

angela said...

It looks like a sci-fi Aladdin. What's it like inside, Kate..have you ever eaten there?