Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What's He Doing?

Can you guess what this man is doing? Come back on Friday, and I'll show you what he's doing!


Olivier said...

pas facile a trouver, je dirais qu'il fait des costumes.

not easy to find, I would say he is doing the costumes. said...

My guess is that he is tending to the care of an animal. I make that guess based on the comment that you left about volunteer work with animals that you left on Jilly's Postcards from Pension Milou site.

Jazzy said...

very friendly face.
he might be a seller on the market or a book seller, or a jewellery seller.
i may be wrong but he has a face of a merchant.

photowannabe said...

I'll bet he has something to do with animals too, since that was a passion of yours last year.
Whatever, he has wonderful character lines in his face. Great closeup Kate.
Enjoy every moment of your time in Mazatlan

Jilly said...

Just to be different from other comments (!) I think maybe he's cleaning fish or cutting cheese - some sort of food. On the other hand, the apron isn't plastic and that it's yellow confuses me. So perhaps he's simply behind the counter in a restaurant or bar? Do I get points for trying?!

Ed Romero said...

From the hair tie I would say he is a Pueblo Indian from New Mexico and it looks like he is singing and beating a drum.