Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cody and Baby Daughter

While eating at an outdoor foodstand last week we met a delightful 3-generation family: the grandparents, young uncle, and father from Australia and the mother from Mazatlan. (I imagine the baby has dual citizenship.) Because we seem to frequent and congregate in many of the same places and also because the Mazatlan expat and tourist community is really pretty small, we again met them in the Plaza a few days later (minus grandfather this time). I was delighted that they agreed to pose for a photo.


Olivier said...

belles photos de cette famille. (ils sont sympathiques de se laisser prendre en photo)

beautiful pictures of this family. (they are nice to get caught in photo)

Carraol said...

They look happy in Mazatlan, full of fun!

Rambling Round said...

Nice looking family!

Halcyon said...

That baby is darling! I can't believe all of these lovely people you're meeting in Mazatlan.

Anonymous said...

A happy family in Mazatlan. Nice.

Kim said...

Carraol is right! I'm glad you run into them often. Makes your home away from home community that much more rich.

Kate, I had a vivid dream about you last night! You and a fellow blogger friend decided to drive all the way up here to pay us a visit. I opened the front door, and there you were. We all had breakfast together. I thought it strange that you would come at this time of year since you are undoubtedly enjoying the sunshine and warmth in Mazatlan. I have no idea what brought you into my dream, but can say it WAS very good to see you. Hope all is well and that it is a great day in the sun.
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Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

thanks for the kind words, great to see you guys again.

I am sure we will see you around the place soon.

Until next time,
Cody, Tania, Miranda

P.S - Great blog you have here. Your latest photo brings back vivid memories of my first visit to the mercado. I was unfortunate to come across one of the butchers cutting the tongue out of a Cow's head. Great photo opportunity missed, but probably best not to relive that moment too many times.