Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Watch Your Step!!

And here she is ...5 days later!
On the March 19th photo of Eric's blog, many comments were posted regarding obstacles on European streets for handicapped people. Uneven sidewalks, unusually high curbs, and cobblestone or slippery streets also pose problems for anyone of any age who walks the streets of Mexico. The Canadian woman pictured above and below is one of the friends I made during my stay here in Mexico. She hurt her knee after a nasty fall last Saturday night. She is pictured at the Military Hospital in Mazatlan on Sunday morning where she, a gallant young male bilingual neighbor and I went for her exam. After following the doctor's directions, she is convalesing nicely. But, watch your step!!


photowannabe said...

Yes, watch your step. She's a lovely woman and I hope she has a speedy recovery.
I took a nasty fall last year in Uzbekistan, actually falling up some cement stairs. The last step was higher than the rest. Very shoddy workmanship and I paid the price.
Sometimes things aren't like home.

angela said...

Poor lady..I hope she wasn't too badly hurt.
Yes, you do have to watch your feet no matter which country you're in..Nice used to be infamous for its doggy poop but things are better now.

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Many many wishes to your friend and yes "mind the gap" or "watch your step" it's a suggest to follow ;-)

Mandi said...

That's terrible. But I'm glad she's on the mend.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, thank is too bad she fell and injured her knee. It is an interesting set of pictures too.
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Jazzy said...

glad to see her walking! one has to be really careful.