Monday, February 04, 2008

Clase de Español

I had to delete the original post for this photo and date because something happened to my computer on Monday evening, February 4) a computer voodoo, I think!) that recorded the number of visitors but was not recording all of the comments. So, I've reposted the photo of my Spanish teacher who is trying to clarify the correct use of the confusing (for me) estar and ser. Sorry, but I consequently lost the four comments that originally posted before the glitch occurred.


Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

Alright, then. I estoy glad to see the post again, but es such a shame that the comments got deleted.

I estoy so tired of the winter already! I think I estoy ready to take another long vacation, but I have to ser realistic...

Estás very tired these days because of all the celebrations, but you eres happy and that es what counts.

I hope that helps! :D

Ming the Merciless said...

How cool is that?!!?!

I always wanted to go to Paris to study French, Rome to study Italian, Shanghai to study Chinese and Tokyo to study Japanese.

So bravo for study Spanish in Mazatlan.

sam said...

he he Fenix. as clear as mud for me! Kate, cool, do you go for lessons each time you stay there, to build on the previous knowledge, or is this the first time? I learned French at school (in the dark ages) but haven't had the opportunity to use it since the 70s. I remember a surprising amount, when I try to read it, but not enough to converse freely. I want to brush up in the next few months, in preparation for a hoped-for trip to Europe later this year.

Ham said...

Don't suppose it's quite what you mean but I always remember "To be a star" (to be: estar)